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Kryour is a Brazilian group from São Paulo formed in 2014, which released their debut single "Chaos Of My Dream" in 2015 and after that the single "Falling in Oblivion” in 2016. Playing a sound influenced by melodic death metal , present the conceptual work "Where Treasures Are Nothing", with songs that form the life of the "lyrical self". By dealing with facts from birth to death, approaching human values, the album's repertoire is shaped into a story of life. After the release of the album, the band played a series of shows in renowned venues and in several cities to promote the new work. With the repercussion of the album, the band received an invitation to perform an opening show for the band Symphony X at the Bar da Montanha in Limeira – SP (05/08/2019). The band's presence in the Brazilian media was also notable, being mentioned in the magazine specialized in rock and metal “Roadie Crew”, and being invited to interviews on radio stations 89.1 FM and on Kiss FM. The band also received an invitation to do a live show on Kiss Fm radio on the Kiss Club program, and a few months later they won a cultural contest produced by the radio, New Rock Bands, performing another live show on Kiss FM radio. In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic caused the band to interrupt their activities for a while. During this period, the band went through two changes of guitarist, leaving Wesley Pereira and joining Lucas Vinicius, and a few months later, Guba Oliveira took over the position of guitarist in Lucas's place. With the new consolidated line-up and the pandemic starting to ease up, the band started producing new songs with a more modern sound, looking for electronic elements and more pop melodies, but still maintaining the heavy sound.
At the moment the band is preparing for the release of these new singles that will be released by Universal Music's “Outono Music” label. At the same time, the band's concert schedule is now open again to put the band back on stage after the new releases. The band relies on the advice of Dharma Management to reach the European market more widely in this new phase.

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